The following message is sent on behalf of Felix Aryee:

"Idaya Project

Hi All,


As some of you may be aware, one of our Ghanaian Students who went home for a brief visit had a medical emergency and delivered a premature baby. Both mother and baby were hospitalized for weeks due to some critical reasons. By God’s grace mother and baby are currently at home and doing well, but a huge bill was incurred as a result of our health care system back home and the need to keep the baby in an incubator for weeks until his condition had stabilized. 

We are hoping to raise some funds to help defray their hospital bill (GHC 15000) and other expenditures. 

I am therefore humbly appealing to you: dip your hands into your pockets/wallets/purses and help support this agenda. Any amount would be greatly appreciated (as the saying goes back home Ketewaa bia enswah)

Please contact me on 3062033410 to come for your donations or send your donations by email transfer to

Please let me know once funds are transferred so I can acknowledge receipt.

Thank you,

Felix Aryee"

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